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Hitting Fast-Forward on Scaling Innovation

Future Workforce: Two Insights, One Disconnect

Industry X.0: The New Trio of Workplace Advantage

Empowering Your Supply Chain for a Competitive Advantage

Three Things To Know About Digital Procurement

Procurement Gets Easier With Intelligent Operations

Avoid Distraction for a Successful Digital Procurement Strategy

Adapting Skills to Thrive with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Three Keys to Digital Transformation

Tech Vision 2018 Trend: Frictionless Business

Becoming An Intelligent Enterprise

Technology Trends Driving Digital Transformation

Exploring Blockchain: Optimizing Maintenance

Are We Measuring What Matters?

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Secret Sauce to Acquiring Digital Capabilities

Flexing Digital M&A Muscles: How to Win on Digital Deals

The Three Keys to Success for an Agile Enterprise

Why The IT Workforce Needs To Change - And Fast

Technology in M&A: Catalyst or Enabler of Change?

Who’s the Boss When People and Robots Work Together?

Steer To The New Data Supply Chain

Blockchain For The Supply Chain

3 Ways to Maximize the Value from Your Technology Spend

The Activist CFO — An Opportunity Not a Threat

Reconfiguring the Supply Chain to Serve Segments of One

Using ZBx to Power the M&A Machine

The Consumer Goods Supply Chain: Growth Engine or Growth Enemy?

Is Your Working Capital Really Working?

Overcome the Blind Flight: Reveal Better Business Insights Through Analytics-Powered Process Management

Analytics: Getting Out of the Starting Blocks Quickly

Catching the Rabbit: How Robots Will Close the Supply Chain Talent Gap

Harnessing The Power Of AI For Good

Overcoming the Data Dilemma

Alice In The AI Race: Speed Vs. Precision

Embracing Blockchain: Why You Need To Prepare For This Transformative Technology

Scaling An Insights Factory For B2B Growth

Show Me The Money: Making Source-To-Pay Work Harder, Unlock Procurement Value

Digital Ecosystem Partnerships—An Enabler To Competitive Same-Day Delivery Service

Securing the Intelligent Enterprise

Building the Digital Supply Network of the Future

Owning The ZBx Change. Literally.

Ecosystem-Based Business Models: A Playbook for Agility and Growth

US Employers Need To Step Up To Skill Up For AI

Three Things Every Finance Leader Should Do (Part 2)

Three Things Every Finance Leader Should Do

Humans Helping AI To Help Humans

Getting Insights From Data

The New CFO: Using Digital Acumen to Reinvent the Company

The New Foundation of Digital Procurement

The Future Workforce is an Equal One

AI Opens Up Ways to “See the Unseeable” in Public Safety – Provided it’s Used Responsibly

The As-A-Service Economy

Automation Done Right: Critical Steps to Forge Path to Success

How to Drive Rapid and Effective Change with CRM Design

Embracing Bots: Three Operational Considerations for Procurement

Technology Innovation Supporting Equality and Inclusion

Is Your Supply Chain in Sleep Mode?

Considering a Merger or Acquisition? Don’t Ignore Cybersecurity.

Why You Should Look to AI & CRM to Kick-start Profitability Now

Industry X.0: How It Will Impact the Future of Work

Market Segmentation: Finding the Consumers That Matter

Know Your Key Risk Indicators from Accenture Academy

Organizational Cultural Change: How Do We Make It Happen?

A Communication Strategy to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Minimize Project Failures with the Phase-Gate Approach

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Makes a Comeback

Using On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) to Drive Customer Satisfaction

How to Create A Customer Journey Map

How Customer Journey Mapping Can Identify the Root of Your Customer's Complaints

Project Management Skills to Start (and Finish) Projects Strong

How Matrix Management Can Revolutionize Your Workforce

Measuring Purchasing Performance with Purchase Price Variance

Fact-Based Negotiation Skills from Accenture Academy

Trade Compliance Intel You Need To Manage A Global Supply Chain