Trade Compliance Intel You Need To Manage A Global Supply Chain



Julius Caesar sent messages to his troops.

He did so in an encrypted way to prevent the secret and confidential messages from man-in-the-middle attacks. Since then, encryption has been used extensively, from World War II to present day international trade transactions.

Today’s companies are complex with global supply chains. Your company may have subsidiaries and suppliers located overseas. How do you ensure you have secure communication with foreign nationals? How do you purchase products for your company for internal use or for reselling into your local market? To share confidential information securely, you need encryption products, and to import or export these products, you need to appropriately apply compliance regulations.


Encryption control regulations are a subset of trade compliance regulations. So, buying and selling of encryption products and technologies should be handled just like any other international transaction. However, encryption products are considered dual-use products that require you to follow global and country-specific agreements and regulations to ensure compliance. Marketing, product developers, buyers, and sellers must be able to identify encryption products and understand applicable global trade compliance requirements.


Understanding encryption products and relevant regulations will enable you to support your colleagues to develop processes and databases to capture required information from design to a saleable product. For example, an encrypted product may require a license to export to certain countries. Knowing this information early in the development stage may pose an opportunity to redesign the product and eliminate the need for a license.

In your current role, do you wonder whether you are facing export or import restrictions when buying or selling encryption products or technology, like a sales manager in Hong Kong or an IT manager in the United Kingdom? The Accenture Academy course Applying Global Encryption Control Regulations will provide you with the knowledge to manage the buying and selling process for encrypted products. This course will identify the need for encryption and encryption regulations, allowing you to obtain the required information and ask the right questions to ensure compliance with global trade compliance regulations. This knowledge will help you provide superior customer service, deliver product on time, and comply with government regulations.

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