Pfizer: One Global, Personalized, Supply Chain Learning Solution Using Accenture Academy

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How Accenture Academy Helped 

Prior to its acquisition by Pfizer in 2009, Wyeth had chosen Accenture Academy to play a central role in its ongoing cultivation of differentiated supply chain capabilities. Pfizer recognized the value being generated by Accenture Academy and took advantage of its capabilities to help accelerate and enhance its global supply chain transformation.

As part of Pfizer's commitment to colleagues, Pfizer and Accenture worked closely to map content to the new organizational design and help colleagues select the right courses. With this groundwork in place, Accenture and Pfizer developed powerful, multi-channel communications campaigns to publicize the value of Accenture Academy to Pfizer colleagues and encourage enrollment among a broader pool of supply chain colleagues.

Upon successful completion of its supply chain transformation program, Pfizer continued its use of Accenture Academy in support of its market excellence initiative. The Accenture Academy program has evolved from helping people obtain a baseline of skills to a personal learning experience where people receive curriculum recommendations based on their job role and current skill levels.

High Performance Delivered

The professional growth facilitated by Accenture Academy has been well received by Pfizer colleagues as has its flexibility and inherent suitability to Pfizer's global supply chain organization.

Pfizer colleagues also use Accenture Academy to build their skills in other key areas such as procurement, finance, leadership and change management. As a result, people with capability in different areas are better able to collaborate, improving the speed and results of projects across the organization. At the same time, Accenture Academy helps colleagues obtain skills in other areas, which can support job rotation.

Over the years, Accenture Academy has provided one global, but personalized, learning solution for Pfizer's supply chain organization.

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