Digital Transformation

It has the potential to break us free from rigidly defined jobs and the organization of work. 


What is Digital Transformation?

The transformation of activities, processes, and competencies to fully leverage the benefits of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across present and future business. Companies also need more than the right technology; they need to harness that technology to enable the right people with the right skills in an adaptable, agile workforce.

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Digital Transformation Academy

Accenture's Digital Transformation Academy is a next-gen learning solution to raise the digital IQ of your workforce by building a strong digital foundation and progressing learners on their journey to a digital future.

It’s no secret that your workforce needs to be digitally competent to remain current and stay competitive. The Digital Transformation Academy is designed to help build the foundation of learning on the journey towards a digital future.

The curriculum is ideally suited for workforces looking to improve the digital IQ of their people. Organizations that understand the value of digital will develop skills and begin to take advantage of the tools and processes available today.

Digital Foundations Analytics Foundations Finance Fundamentals

 "As companies are investing in the
technologies and tools to keep pace 
with the digital era, companies must 
also invest in workforce skills."

Business & Leadership Skills Digital Finance Intelligent Supply Chain Management

"Enterprises need to constantly 
reinvent their offerings to keep up 
with the rapidly evolving expectations 
of digital customers."

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The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) has assessed how digitalization in 13 major industries is transforming business. This work has brought us into direct contact with more than 1,000+ executives and experts, who've helped uncover some key themes for ensuring the value of digitalization is captured by both business and society.

DTI research has identified seven key technologies that are expected to have the most impact among the industries analyzed:


The world is being transformed by new technologies, which are redefining customer expectations, enabling businesses to meet these new expectations, and changing the way people live and work. Digital transformation, as this is commonly called, has immense potential to change consumer lives, create value for business and unlock broader societal benefits.

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Industry Spotlight: Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail and consumer goods industries will change more in the next 10 years than they have over the past 40. One primary force is responsible - digitalization. And it has already begun to help companies around the globe.

There are four main drivers for success through 2025 - actions leading companies can take that are critical to consumer companies' success. All are powered by digital, which will be the key tool industry leaders will use to transform themselves.

  1. Leaders will use digital to understand and connect with consumers.
  2. Leaders will rapidly adopt game-changing technologies now.
  3. Leaders will test new business models.
  4. Leaders will know the three must-have capabilities to thrive over the next decade.

Download the full industry analysis to learn these competencies and take a glance at what shopping will look like in 2026.

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The Accenture Difference

The workforce of the future will be more innovative, collaborative, agile, scalable and project-driven. Therefore, the need for continuous evolution requires a flexible solution to develop the right skills at the right time. Accenture's Digital Transformation Academy is a powerful, configurable solution that enables organizations to build a strong foundation of digital and analytics acumen across business disciplines. Additionally, it allows individuals to fine-tune their skills to meet changing demands. Let us help you raise your organization’s digital IQ to drive actionable business insights and become a more intelligent business.

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