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Industry trends are not in short supply. Each day, we are inundated with new research and analysis pointing to major changes in our organizations. But with so many departments with differing needs, it can be challenging to determine which trends are shaping up to be long-term impacts and which are nothing more than short-term noise.

Accenture Academy's Industry Trends courses are broken down into extremely specific subsets, creating curriculum that is easy to curate based on department, skill level, and more, all validated by Accenture Academy experts.

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Industry Trends Courses

Product Courses

Consumer Goods & Services

Competitive Agility:

Empower Consumers:

Shifting Demographics:

Emerging Business Models:

Life Sciences

Digital Foundations:


  • Spotlight on Digital Disruption
  • Capitalizing on Digital Business Opportunities
  • Digital Trust: Security, Privacy, Accountability, and Value
  • Introduction to Digital Supply Networks (DSNs)

Technology Enablers:

Social Business:

Innovation for Life Sciences:

Intelligent Supply Chain:

Digital Foundations:

Digital Applications:

  • Spotlight on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
  • Spotlight on Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing and Visibility
  • Digital Trust: Security, Privacy, Accountability, and Value
  • Calculating ROI on Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Analyzing the Effects of Digitalization and Automation on Accounting

Leading/Managing Digital Teams:

 Defining New Business Models:

Payer Price Pressures:

Value & Applied Analytics:

Intelligent Data Automation & Back Office:

Business Process Automation:

Intelligent Back Office:

Technology Enablers:

 Transform the Core:

Enable World Class Collaboration with External Suppliers:

Clinical Trial Supply Chain:

Customer Focus:

Social Networking/Marketing:

Strategic Planning:

Sourcing & Supplier Relationships:



New Product Introduction:


Re-Equipping the Workforce:

Facilitating the Agile Workforce:

Applying Job Rotation Strategies to Improve Business Operations

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Analyzing the Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Industries

Connect Your Supply Chains with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Rethinking Stores:

Right Product, Right Time:

Building Trust:

Getting [More] Personal:

Social Engagement:

Shifting to Services:

Resource Courses

NA CROSS Resources Campaigns

Digital Customer:

Digital Assets Workers:

Cost & Operations:


Security of Supply:

Technology for Utilities: